Becoming a Member

So, you want to be a member of our Specialty Interest Group of the American Sewing Guild.

We are flattered and honored.

Here is the process:

  1. Go the ASG Join Us Page and Join.
  2. Associate with our chapter – Cosplay Pacific Northwest
  3. Pay your money and come to our meetings.
  1. ASG National will add your information to the national member roster
  2. We download all of the members associated with our chapter (usually once a month)
  3. We merge National’s list with our list to get them in sync. National’s list is considered the master. If you have changes, make them on the National site. We will get your changes from National.
  1. A new member will receive an email containing their username and password
  2. New members will receive a second email requesting confirmation for our email subscription module
  3. Finally, new members will receive a welcome to the chapter email.

If you lose your username and password, try your email address as a login username.
Guess at your password if you must – the login will fail – now you can reset your password.

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