Sharing our love of sewing

Share our love of sewing by sewing masks

During this time of uncertainty and sheltering-in-place, many are wondering what we can do to help. With the shortage of masks causing problems in doctor’s offices, clinics, home care settings and hospitals, we can make a difference. Deaconess Health Systems has a page with information, pattern and a video for a fabric mask that can be made from tightly-woven cotton fabric.

American Sewing Guild is working with the Sewing & Craft Alliance (who administers and is ASG partner in National Sewing Month) on this effort. SCA is setting up a website that will contain the instructions and, additionally, will be developing a network of locations needing the masks so that we are not adding to an already overwhelmed health system with phone calls. The website will be fully operational within 48 hours and can be found at

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